Shabat trusts the merit of the mayor of Fez and calls for an end to tyranny and smuggling of the elected


Shabat trusts the merit of the mayor of Fez and calls for an end to tyranny and smuggling of the elected

Hamid Shabat, a prominent candidate for the presidency of the Fez city council, attacked the National Rally of Independents through its regional coordinator in the Scientific City, rejecting the latter's resort to threatening the elected in order to vote on the 'pigeon' candidate.

In a live broadcast on his official Facebook page, the former Secretary-General of the Independence Party accused the party's officials of intimidating and threatening the elected.

Shabat, who entered the elections on behalf of the Democratic Forces Front, said that elected officials had received threatening and intimidating correspondences, noting that these people are 'above the law and what they are doing is threatening and blackmail.'

The same speaker emphasized that the threat to dispossess the elected, who will vote against their party, is illegal, given that the dispossession takes place when the party is abandoned and nothing else.

Shabbat continued, saying that some of the elected officials had received correspondence from the regional coordinator, who had declared himself above the law, noting that he had threatened the elected to fine them with sums of money if they did not vote for their party.

The candidate for the mayor of the scientific capital explained that Article 161 of the constitution talks about abstraction in the event of abandoning political affiliation.

Shabat called on the elected not to be afraid of the threats they receive, indicating that they must be disciplined and listen to the voices of the citizens.

The same spokesman continued his attack on the 'Ahrar Party' and the coalition that leads it, saying that 'these have become tyrants and are not afraid, and we will not remain silent about this.'

Shabat affirmed that Morocco is a country of pluralism and not just three parties, adding, 'If these parties do not understand the laws, this is a great disaster.'

The former Secretary-General of the 'Al-Mizan' Party indicated that it is necessary to 'stop tyranny and intimidation of people.' He addressed the elected officials, saying: 'I invite you to vote for whomever you want, and do not be afraid of anyone, and if anyone is kidnapped, we will defend him by all means.'

Shabbat defended his right to the mayor and the presidency of the council again, as he indicated that he and the rest of the elected have “a program to solve all the problems of the city, and we have the ability to solve problems and administrative procedures,” adding, “We defend Fez fervently so that it does not fall into the hands of these people.”

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