Apple recommends updating devices against 'zero click'

 Apple recommends updating devices against 'zero click'

Apple has recommended a software update to repair a security vulnerability that was exploited to hack iPhones and other devices made by the corporate .

Spyware researchers have discovered what they assert may be a new exploit from Israel's NSO Group's Pegasus monitoring tool targeting iPhones and other Apple devices.

Apple released a patch a couple of days ago to shut a loophole discovered by researchers at the Citizen Lab who said that they had found the breach within the iPhone records of a political activist.

The researchers said the hacking technology used, which they called “ForcedEntry,” has been active since a minimum of February, and may secretly invade iPhones, MacBooks and Apple devices during a so-called “zero pressure attack,” a technology that NSO focuses on . Based in Israel.

The “zero-click” technology allows the spyware to put in itself on the phone without the owner doing anything, for instance , not wanting to click on a specific link.

The spyware can then turn the phone into a spying device, which may record from its cameras and microphones, and send location data, messages, call logs and emails to an NSO customer.

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