After testing the phone by specialists, here is the opinion of experts about the “iPhone 13” phone2022

After testing the phone by specialists, here is the opinion of experts about the “iPhone 13” phone

After testing the phone by specialists, here is that the expert opinion on the 'iPhone 13' phone

On Tuesday, reports of the new 'Apple' phone 'iPhone 13' surfaced on the web , with most that specialize in updates to the phone's internal parts, including extending the lifetime of the phone.

Overall, reviews for Apple's newest smartphone are positive, with some praising the updated cameras, higher refresh rate display, and video capabilities.

Others pointed to the new A15 Bionic Chip, which provides the iPhone 13 a processor that's up to 50% faster than competing devices and offers up to 30% faster graphics.

Last week the corporate - led by Tim Cook - introduced four new devices: 'iPhone', 'iPhone 13 mini', 'iPhone 13' (iPhone 13) and 'iPhone 13 pro'. then 'the iPhone 13 pro max', next to the 'Apple Watch' and therefore the 'iPad mini'.

Starting at US $ 699 for the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 delivers 2.5 hours more power than the iPhone 12. The smaller mini has a further battery lifetime of 90 minutes.

The screen sizes of 'Super Retina XDR' have remained at the extent of last year (2020), since 'iPhone Pro' (stainless steel) devices within the sizes 6.1 'and 6', 7 'for' Pro 'and' Pro “Are available. Max 'resp.

The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 have 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR displays, respectively.

The iPhone 13 Pro ($ 999) and iPhone 13 Pro Max ($ 1099) will are available 4 colors including graphite, gold, silver, and thus the fresh blue.

The iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 13 are going to be available in 5 colors, including pink and blue.

Here are a number of the better iPhone 13 reviews.

- 'The Wall Street Journal' (WMall Street Journal)

Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern said all four devices had 'remarkable advances,' including battery life, and highlighted strong operator promotions to draw in customers.

However, Stern complained that variety of camera and video enhancements did not deliver on Apple's promise.

'The results weren't rigorous enough that somebody with an iPhone 12 didn't need - or even didn't want to - an everyday iPhone 13,' wrote Stern.

She says that it had been only after taking a better check out the photos that she was able to notice differences like better handling of city lights and reflections within the water. However, in comparison to the iPhone XR or iPhone 11, the difference isn't much sharper.

CNet magazine

CNET writer Patrick Holland was impressed with the cinema mode on the iPhone 13, especially the Professional.

'What makes the video compelling is that everything but the topic is blurry,' wrote Holland.

Holland was also impressed with Apple's iOS 15 OS on Pro devices, noting that it 'adds variety of features'.

The ny Times

Brian Chen, a reviewer for the ny Times, took an interest within the new models and called them 'the most advanced iPhone update ever'.

Chen acknowledged that the newest version of the iPhone is merely 10% of the previous year's models, while the upper refresh rate of the costlier Pro and Pro Max phones 'barely changes the principles of the game .' But Chen also said that the cameras are better than the previous year's models, especially in low light.

'The improvements within the new iPhone cameras are most noticeable with low-light photos taken in Night Mode, which involves taking multiple photos then combining them while adjusting color and contrast,' he wrote.

Low-light “Max” shots right after sunset looked brighter when the “iPhone 13 Pro” was crazy compared to the “iPhone 12”.

TechCrunch website

TechCrunch reviewer Matthew Panzarino took the new devices to Disneyland, which he said was 'the perfect place to see for improvements,' and located the new devices to assist improve his ride.

'Overall, this was one among the simplest experiences I've had checking a phone in parks, with an endless series of flashy moments with the cameras,' wrote Panzarino.

He continued, “I ended up taking tons of great photos just like the 'wide angle' of the night mode and close-ups that basically inspired me.

“The iPhone 13 is pretty impressive this year, with big improvements in picture quality, battery life, and enhancements .

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